1. Araxie India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Arpit Sharma
Mr Arpit Sharma, Founder Araxie India Pvt. Ltd.

AIPL is a buzzing Start-up incubated in BKIF dealing with potable drinking water solutions. Now a days drinking water is one of the most basic and essential needs of all living beings. Yet getting safe drinking water at an affordable price is a major issue in our country. Due to poor supply and major demand, most of the people of our country are dependent on local water suppliers or the paniwalas to meet their needs. It has always been money on the tap for the local water suppliers. They are always ignoring the quality of drinking water and the basic safety in order to earn huge profits like- refilling cans at unlicensed plants, tampering, using untidy & unhygienic cans and unprofessional services to name a few. And customers, having no alternative have to submit to their monopoly. Keeping the above mentioned sufferings in view, a solution was envisioned and that’s when product Xottle was born.

Xottle is on a mission to transform the chain of process of how a water bottle is produced, stored, delivered and consumed. The idea was incepted by it’s founder when he himself was the victim of this careless system. He used go through the hassles of ordering a water bottle from the local sources and upon consistently receiving a poor quality, pathetic services and a complete dissatisfaction, he thought of changing the game for good. And unique model was devised after closely analyzing the water delivery means of some major cities of the world.

Xottle comes with a dedication to provide safe and reliable drinking water and ensures that it’s customers are satisfied with the quality, price and the services. Within a short span of few months, Xottle has been on a journey from being just an innovative idea to a startup backed and funded by Government of Delhi. It is already set to take-off from East region of Delhi as it’s launch pad. A young team with average age of just 24 years drives Xottle with their never ending energy and unmatched dedication to change the way you quench your thirst!

2. MuseArt Mania Pvt. Ltd.

Ms Disha Sharma
Ms Disha Sharma, Founder MuseArt Mania Pvt. Ltd.

MuseArt Mania Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit socially responsible enterprise that aims to deliver cutting-edge products and services while being socially conscious. MMPL strives to go the extra mile to ensure that best-quality and innovation are deeply rooted in the soul of all its products & services.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and is owned and managed by a women entrepreneur, Disha Sharma. Currently, the company is fast pacing to revolutionize the sustainable fashion space with its innovative business design and value-led processes.

Disha Sharma is a first-generation serial-entrepreneur and deeply believes in the potential of living sustainable. The company is a reflection of her strong belief that the new customer longs for buying sustainable and will always make a conscious-buy when offered an option.

3. India Dilse Online Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Rajeev Kumar, Founder India Dilse Online Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Rajeev Kumar, Founder India Dilse Online Pvt. Ltd.

India Dilse Online Private Limited promoted by young entrepreneurs, thrive to promote the age old art and crafts of India. The company plans is to provide artisan and buyers with an interactive online platform for making sales. The idea is to create, market, and manage a Company that delivers quality earnings regardless of the general direction of the economic markets.

This Start-up incubated at BKIF, believes in developing high impact marketing campaigns that informs to the general public about Indian regional culture, products and rich traditional heritage. The company partnering with a number of handmade goods makers throughout India.